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Making It: What Today's Kids Need for Tomorrow's World (Hardcover)

Making It: What Today's Kids Need for Tomorrow's World Cover Image
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Discover how to help young people make it in a rapidly changing world

Author Stephanie Malia Krauss gets it. Every day she works with leaders across the country as they upgrade learning experiences to better equip young people for a changing world. A mother, former teacher and school leader, Stephanie knows firsthand how hard it is to balance school and program requirements with young people's needs. In Making It: What Today's Kids Need for Tomorrow's World, she lays out what adults can do to get young people ready for the future. What you learn may surprise you.

With so much changing so fast--accelerated by the impacts of COVID-19--the most in-demand jobs and skills of today may be obsolete by the time our youngest become adults. For kids to be ready for this new reality, they must acquire four critical currencies that will serve them well, whatever their future holds: credentials, competencies, connections, and cash. This book focuses on how to prioritize these four key outcomes whenever and wherever learning happens. The author shares research and experience to help you understand and apply a human-centered and future-focused lens directly to your classroom, school, program, or at home.

  • Learn about how the world and workforce is changing, and what that means for the education and preparation young people need
  • Understand how these changes are impacting young people, reshaping their childhoods and transitions into adulthood
  • Glean practical information and ideas you can use to help young people--at every age and stage--to gain readiness currencies in the form of credentials, competencies, connections, and cash
  • Challenge your beliefs about what knowledge, experiences and resources are most important for kids to have, and what a college- and career-ready education really requires
  • Discover community-wide strategies that prioritize equity, learning and readiness for the future

This book will benefit teachers, counselors, youth workers, parents, school board members, and state education leaders alike. Whether you work in K-12, youth development, or you just want to know how to best support the kids in your life, you will find a timely and useful resource putting young people first and modernizing their learning experiences for the better.

About the Author

STEPHANIE MALIA KRAUSS is an educator, social worker, researcher, and writer. Her work focuses on what young people need in the first quarter of life, in order to thrive and be ready for adulthood. Stephanie is a senior advisor to JFF and a staff consultant for the Youth Transition Funders Group. She started her career as a fifth grade teacher in Phoenix, Arizona. A proud New Jersey native, Stephanie lives in the St. Louis area with her family.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781119577034
ISBN-10: 1119577039
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
Publication Date: March 3rd, 2021
Pages: 208
Language: English