Community Book Show

68th Annual Community School Book Show

Important Ordering Information

When you complete checkout, in the "Order Comments" section, please add "COMMUNITY SCHOOL" and your child's FIRST AND LAST NAME so we know to get your order to you and count your sale toward the Book Show.

To pick up your books from Community School, select in-store pickup at checkout under "Store Pickup Options"


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Community School Book Show: Classroom Wishlists

Nursery WishlistJunior Kindergarten East WishlistJunior Kindergarten West WishlistSenior Kindergarten East WishlistSenior Kindergarten West WishlistFirst Grade North WishlistFirst Grade South WishlistSecond Grade North WishlistSecond Grade South WishlistThird Grade North WishlistThird Grade South WishlistFourth Grade North WishlistFifth Grade WishlistArt WishlistDiscovery Center WishlistDrama WishlistFrench WishlistLower Division Science Wishlist